Trump Will Be So Presidential, You Will Be Bored

• April 14, 2016 1:36 pm


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has assured the public on numerous occasions that he will be so presidential that we will all be bored. 

Trump has been criticized for some of his statements and actions as being "not presidential." Trump has disparaged prisoners of war, mocked a disabled reporter, and he often uses crude language that you don't usually hear a presidential candidate say. There were times when Trump expressed a desire to punch a protester in the face and encouraged his supporters to knock out any people who would disrupt his rally. Trump has promised that he would act more presidential but when he gets pressed on why he hasn't yet, his response is that he has to knock out his last two opponents in the GOP primary.

Tuesday night, Trump made his most recent assurance that he would be more presidential at CNN's town hall.

"I will be so presidential you won't believe it," Trump said.

The day before at a rally in New York, Trump swore in front of large crowd and complained about how his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) received more delegates than him in Louisiana after Trump won the majority of votes.

"I find out I get less delegates than this guy that got his ass kicked," Trump said.

Since Trump announced his campaign, there have been countless predictions by pundits and political insiders how Trump's latest "offensive" comment would end his campaign. Almost a year later and Trump is not only still in the race he is leading the GOP primary.