Trump Is the Bear From ‘The Revenant’

• December 19, 2016 1:07 pm


Do not provoke President-elect Donald Trump because he will wake up and maul you, according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich said Trump is like the grizzly bear from the movie The Revenant in a speech to the Heritage Foundation last week.

"Donald Trump is the grizzly bear in The Revenant. If you get his attention, he will get awake," Gingrich said. "When he gets awake, he will walk over and bite your face off."

Looking back at the 2016 campaign, Trump was merciless against anyone who stood in his way of becoming the future president of the United States.

First it began with his Republican opponents. Jeb Bush was "low energy." Ben Carson was compared to a child molester. Carly Fiorina had that face. Marco Rubio was "Little Marco." John Kasich ate too much. And Ted Cruz was "Lyin' Ted." Trump not only beat his opponents one by one; he got most of them to bend the knee and support his campaign or praise him after his victory.

After Republicans, it was the Democrats' turn to face Trump's wrath. Trump was relentless with his charges that the Clintons were corrupt, leading to the nickname "Crooked Hillary." Other top Democrats weren't spared. Bernie Sanders was "weak" and Elizabeth Warren was goofy "Pocahontas."

While Trump's campaign opponents came and went, the media was a consistent target for him. At campaign rallies, Trump would often point to the back of the room and criticize the reporters standing there.

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