Trump Asked if He’s Considering ‘Extreme Vetting’ for People Trying to Buy Guns


President Donald Trump was asked in South Korea if he was considering "extreme vetting" for those wanting to purchase a gun in the wake of the mass church shooting in Texas.

NBC reporter Ali Vitali asked Trump if he was considering such measures for gun purchasers since he has supported "extreme vetting" for those wanting to enter the United States.

"If you did what you're suggesting, there would have been no difference three days ago," Trump said. "And you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or a rifle in his truck go out and shoot him and hit him and neutralize him and I can only say this, if he didn't have a gun, instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more dead, so that's the way I feel about it."

Trump was referring to Stephen Willeford, who lived near the site of the massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas. When the shooting began, Willeford grabbed his gun and ran to confront the killer. They exchanged fire and the killer drove away.

Vitali asked Trump if he was considering any gun control measures.

"The city with the strongest gun laws in our nation is Chicago and Chicago is a disaster, it's a total disaster," Trump said. "Just remember if this man [who fired at the killer] didn't have a gun or rifle, you'd be talking about a much worse situation in the great state of Texas."

Jack Heretik

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Jack is a Media Analyst for the Washington Free Beacon. He is from Northern Ohio and graduated from the Catholic University of America in 2011. Prior to joining the Free Beacon, Jack was a Production Assistant for EWTN's The World Over and worked on Sen. Bill Cassidy's 2014 campaign.

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