Todd: Hillary Clinton 'Has No Good Answers' on Her Libya Policy

October 22, 2015

NBC's Chuck Todd said former secretary of state Hillary Clinton "has no good answers" to offer Thursday on the Libya policy she was part of in the Obama administration when she testifies before the Benghazi Select Committee.

The Obama administration intervened in Libya in 2011, helping a rebel force take down dictator Moammar Gadafi. This led to a power vacuum and the collapse of the nation into a failed state dominated by radical terrorists. Clinton was a strong backer of this policy decision.

Appearing on The Today Show, Todd also said Clinton was one of several secretaries of state who failed to improve embassy security, a key facet of the investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attack that left four Americans dead in 2012.

"There's two tough things that she has to deal with," Todd said. "One is for 15 years, the State Department was told it had to improve embassy security. 15 years. This is four secretaries of state, and she along with three other secretaries of state didn't do that. And second, it's about Libya and the decision to go into Libya. That's where she has no good answers."

The Washington Free Beacon's Bill Gertz reported earlier this year on the consequences of the Obama administration's Libya policy, where the Islamic State and other radical jihadists have flourished:

Libya’s decline into a failed state is one of the major consequences of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, which worked with the NATO alliance to provide military support to Libyan rebels who ousted the government of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Subsequent governing arrangements have been unable to maintain stability.

Thursday's testimony will likely also include Clinton's decision to use a private email account to conduct State Department business, which a State freedom of information officer previously said was "not acceptable." Clinton repeatedly insisted she had done nothing wrong before eventually succumbing to public pressure and apologizing.