Kaine: At a Minimum, Russians Trying to Delegitimize the Election

September 9, 2016

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine told Charlie Rose on Friday morning that he believes the Russians are trying to "delegitimize the election."

The Virginia senator was pressed by Rose on claims that Russian hackers are interfering with the United States election process. Rose asked Kaine if he believed "the Russians are trying to hack into the voting system."

"Absolutely," Kaine said, adding it was clear the Russians were behind last month’s hack into the Democratic National Committee’s emails.

"At a minimum, it’s to delegitimize the election. At a minimum, it’s that," Kaine said.

Allegations of Russia’s involvement in the election have resurfaced since Donald Trump recently praised Russian President Vladimir Putin in Wednesday night’s "Commander in Chief" forum on NBC.

Kaine’s claim comes two days after Defense Secretary Ash Carter charged the Russian government with meddling in "our democratic processes." Carter did not specifically cite allegations of Russian hacking of the DNC but did warn the Russians of any perceived involvement in the American election process.

Kaine later compared Russian hacking of the DNC to former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, which ultimately led to his resignation. Kaine incorrectly said Nixon was "impeached" for his offenses.