'This Definitely Feels Like a Campaign'

Local reporter says President Obama is still in campaign mode post-election

December 13, 2012

Following a sit-down interview with President Barack Obama, NBC Sacramento reporter Edie Lambert said Thursday Obama is still campaigning even after the election:

ANCHOR: We know you sat down with him for a bit and asked him questions with the fiscal cliff and taxes and that nature. But what was your overall takeaway from the president today?

LAMBERT: Clearly, Kelly, he felt like he was campaigning to me. He just won a huge reelection campaign in November and he's continued to campaign even after that big win. He is looking for constituents across the nation to lobby their members of Congress to try and get a deal done. I think that's one of the reasons that he made time for a crew from Sacramento, trying to get that message out--he needs some help. For us, it was a chance to sit down and focus on issues specific to California. It was interesting to see how the White House is transitioning that campaigning, but at the same time, definitely campaigning, asking for people to call their lawmakers, asking people to post tweets on Twitter saying what they would do with $2,200, the amount their taxes would go up if we fall off the fiscal cliff. So, yeah, this definitely feels like a campaign.

Lambert's full interview can be seen on NBC Sacramento.