Tantaros: Trump's Kids Aren't in Jail or on Drugs so 'You've Got to Give Him That'

April 13, 2016

Fox News personality Andrea Tantaros said Wednesday that since Donald Trump's children are not in jail or on drugs, "you've got to give him that."

Trump's family town hall the previous evening on CNN was a discussion subject on the panel talk show Outnumbered, and Tantaros gushed about his children, particularly his daughter Ivanka, who she called "his best spokeswoman."

"Donald Trump, he has his family around him a lot, and I think that that benefits him ... My Greek father is an immigrant. He used to say, 'Look at Trump's family. They all good people, the children, they not on drugs, they not in jail,'" Tantaros said, putting on an accent to imitate her father. "You've got to give him that. He has a tight ship around of him of children who are very successful, and I would say Ivanka is his best spokeswoman."

Tantaros is one of Trump's most frequent defenders on Fox, recently backing him on such topics as the battery charge against Corey Lewandowski and his abortion "punishment" remarks. She claimed she had been told to quit working by Republican men for supporting the billionaire.

Tantaros also previously accused National Review's Kevin Williamson of tweeting at her in an unflattering manner, which Williamson flatly denied:

Her claim is a complete fiction, a total invention. It is not something that is taken out of context, or misconstrued, or even willfully distorted — it is a fabrication. Andrea Tantaros is intellectually dishonest, and she is making fictitious claims about what I have said and written. The mean Mr. Williamson was "trying to make me seem stupid," she said. I have nothing to add to that.

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