Strickland Campaign Attempts to Fundraise on Fourth of July Holiday

Ted Strickland / AP


Ted Strickland’s senate campaign asked supporters for money on the Fourth of July holiday.

In a fundraising email sent Monday, Strickland, a Democrat running to unseat incumbent Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio), wished supporters a "very happy Fourth of July" before soliciting donations to the campaign for a recommended amount of $20.

"I hope you enjoy the fireworks, barbecues, and family get-togethers as much as we do. And know that it’s never too late to be part of this movement, and this moment. I’d truly appreciate your support with a $20 donation today," the "P.S." line at the end of the email reads, linking to an online donation page.

Strickland, the one-time governor of Ohio, was largely out of view during the holiday despite the fundraising message. The Strickland campaign’s Facebook and Twitter accounts each posted only one message over the holiday weekend, and the campaign did not issue an official statement on its website celebrating the Fourth of July. Strickland also does not appear to have attended any events publicly marking the holiday.

Portman and his campaign interns and volunteers marched in 17 parades and attended three festivals in Ohio over the holiday weekend, according to a spokesman for the campaign.

The Strickland campaign’s fundraising email stated that the candidate was "spending the day with family and friends, reflecting on our campaign and the values we’re fighting for together." The email, like others, reiterated the campaign’s reliance on "grassroots" support to push back against the infusion of big money in the senate race.

"It’s time to declare independence from the billionaire class trying to buy our democracy. It’s time to reclaim this country, and our democracy, for working people. And that’s why I’m so darn proud of the movement we’ve built together," the email stated.

The Ohio senate race has become one of the most contentious and expensive in the 2016 election cycle. Outside groups have spent millions to prop up both Strickland and Portman, despite the Strickland campaign’s repeated claims that it is not relying on big money or outside group spending.

Strickland has benefitted from advertisement buys placed by the Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic super PAC affiliated with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), and labor unions.

Ahead of the holiday weekend, Strickland appeared alongside Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday at multiple events, one of which was a private fundraiser at a hotel in Cleveland.

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