Steyer: Religious Supporters of Trump Are Blinded by Religion

• August 13, 2018 2:04 pm


Billionaire Democratic donor and activist Tom Steyer said the mixing of religion and politics has made people who support President Donald Trump unable to reject him.

During a town hall sponsored by Steyer's liberal anti-Trump organizations, a woman expressed her concern about evangelical supporters of Trump.

"I have a concern: what appears to be an overwhelming support by the evangelicals for Donald Trump," the woman said. "I would ask maybe for Democrats or anybody else who belongs to a church to address this issue, to ask their congregation to think about this a little bit more and churches who don't go along with this administration to speak out loudly and that is my wish."

Steyer said he believes a "deliberate attempt to mix religion and politics" has resulted in people not being able to "see any way" to "reject" Trump.

"I think what you're saying is something that is actually really important in America today," Steyer said. "And there is a deliberate attempt to mix religion and politics. And we're seeing it; and I think it's important that people be aware of it. And I think that that combination explains a lot of the people who really can't see any way to reject this president."

The Democratic donor has emerged as a major opponent of Trump and has sunk a great deal of his own money into a campaign for Trump's impeachment. He said in May that Democrats who are not pushing for impeachment are "normalizing" Trump. He has repeatedly called out those Democrats who do not support his campaign, highlighting a division in the party.

Steyer himself has been floated as a potential Democratic 2020 presidential candidate.

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