Steyer Doesn’t Know How Much He’s Spent Opposing Trump

• October 30, 2019 9:15 am


Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer cannot keep track of the millions of dollars he has spent on his presidential campaign and impeachment efforts.

Steyer, a longtime liberal megadonor, admitted to MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Tuesday that he "literally" does not know how much money he has spent in his campaigns to oust President Donald Trump from office. Matthews told Steyer he would "go down in history" as the man who tried single-handedly to impeach the president. The host then asked Steyer how much he had spent on impeachment efforts, as well as his presidential campaign.

"I literally don't know, Chris," Steyer said.

"Give me a ballpark," Matthews replied. "Give me a ballpark."

"I think someone in the campaign said there was 100 million bucks for ads," Steyer said.

Federal election records show that Steyer has spent $47,609,238.41 on his campaign, which has received $49,645,130.22 in total. The billionaire's self-funded presidential campaign has drawn criticism from Democratic candidates who accuse Steyer of buying his way onto the debate stage. The Washington Free Beacon found that Steyer spent about $6.5 million for each minute of speaking time at the October debate.