Six Years In, Obama Admits 'Campaigning and Governance Are Two Different Things'

November 9, 2014

After six years of endless campaigning and fundraising, President Obama admitted to CBS's Bob Scheiffer that "campaigning and governance are two different things."

"Here's one thing that I will say, is that--campaigning and governance are two different things," Obama said. "I've ran two successful campaigns, and anybody who's seen me on the campaign trail can tell how much I love just being with the American people, and hearing what they care about, how passionate I am about trying to help them."

When asked what he thought his administration needed to do differently, Obama compared passing legislation to "building a better mouse trap."

"It's not enough just to build a better mousetrap. People don't automatically come beating to your door. We got to sell it. We've got to reach out to the other side and, where possible, persuade," Obama said. "I think there are times, there's no doubt about it where i think we have not been successful in going out there and letting people know what it is that we're trying to do and why this is the right direction. So there is a failure of politics that we have to improve on."

Schieffer askedĀ Obama which criticisms of his administration were "valid."

"I just mentioned one," Obama said.