Mike Lee to Gorsuch: ‘You Are One of the Best Judges in the Country’

• March 20, 2017 3:49 pm


Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) praised President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing on Monday, calling him "one of the best judges in the country."

"I had the good fortune of appearing in front of you on the Tenth Circuit, and so I know from my own personal experience that you are one of the best judges in the country," Lee said.

Lee brought up Gorsuch not involving personal or political agendas when hearing arguments during cases.

"You weren't there to promote a personal agenda or a political agenda and you're not there to grandstand. You are there to listen to both sides of the argument in the case," Lee said.

Lee concluded his remarks by stating Gorsuch would make an impressive Supreme Court Justice because he is independent from partisan influence.

"You have the resume of a Supreme Court justice, but what is most impressive, and for our purposes what's most important about your career and about the approach you take to the law is your fierce independence from partisan influence and from any personal bias that you might otherwise be inclined to harbor," Lee said.

Lee has been a member of the Judiciary Committee since 2011, after working as a clerk for Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito from 2006-2007.