Sean Eldridge Stays Quiet on Syria

Sean Eldridge with his husband Chris Hughes, owner of the New Republic / AP
• September 9, 2013 12:18 pm


Congressional wannabe Sean Eldridge, the husband of New Republic owner Chris Hughes, will not tell reporters about his views on Syria, according to Politico.

Eldridge, who is expected to run for a congressional seat in New York City, did not respond to multiple requests from Politico for comment on the Syria debate. His likely opponent, Rep. Chris Gibson (R., N.Y.), has expressed opposition to a strike.

"Given three full days to respond, neither Eldridge nor his spokesperson replied to multiple requests for comment on Eldridge's Syria position," Politico reported. "Eldridge has spent recent months fundraising [and] is expected to formally announce his candidacy soon. Until then, he has declined to speak on political matters."

Eldridge’s husband, Hughes, is a former Obama campaign staffer and member of the secretive Democratic dark money group known as the Democracy Alliance. Hughes has been accused of turning the venerable New Republic magazine into a pro-Democratic Party public relations outlet.

Despite Eldridge’s political aspirations, he has not been known to take positions on major issues, according to Politico:

Given his reluctance to speak on political matters, Eldridge's foreign policy positions are not well known. During last year's foreign policy debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, he took to Twitter to urge care for veterans and a greater focus on climate change as a security concern.


"No mention of climate change tonight, one of the greatest threats facing the United States and the world. #fail," he wrote after the debate.