Schweitzer Goes on Strange Birther Rant About Ted Cruz

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) went on a strange rant about Ted Cruz's Canadian birth and his potential run for president Monday on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

After touting his tax record as a governor, guest Bill Kristol joked that Cruz could take Schweitzer on as his running mate in 2016, while host Joe Scarborough called Schweitzer a "Cruz Democrat."

"Here's the good news about Ted Cruz," Schweitzer said. "Ted Cruz was born in Canada, like my wife Nancy. My wife Nancy Schweitzer can run for President of the United States because she also was born in Canada, so if Ted Cruz can run, so can Nancy. Run, Nancy, run!"

"What are you talking about?" host Mika Brzezinski said, trying to wrap up the segment.

"It's true!" he said. "He was born in Canada."