Brian Schweitzer

Chasing Hillary

Book: Biden, O’Malley, Schweitzer, Klobuchar, Emanuel, Cuomo, and Warren preparing to run if Hillary Clinton bows out

Among Democrats who hope Hillary Clinton doesn’t run—and their number is larger than one might think—the complaints are familiar. Age and stamina are the obvious considerations. “Look at Obama’s hair color, just like George Bush’s,” says a prominent Washington insider. “Somebody who’s seventy shouldn’t be president. And I think that’s going to be an interesting issue against her, but who in the Democratic Party is going to have the guts to take on that machine?” A former Clinton campaign adviser is equally blunt. “This is gonna sound superficial”—which is an understatement—“but men do age better than women,” he says. “At seventy she’s not gonna be—it’s not gonna be great.”

Clinton’s Sachs-ual Relations

Is Hillary too cozy with Wall Street?

Like most rich liberals, Hillary Clinton has tons of even richer friends who work on Wall Street. Though she would never say it publicly, Clinton and her closest allies almost definitely high-fived when New York’s finest finally evicted the “occupiers” at Zuccotti Park. On Friday, the whole Clinton clan will convene at Goldman Sachs headquarters in Manhattan for a meet and greet with top donors to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The New York Times reported last month:
The event, which is held annually, will include a morning talk and lunch with the Clintons and their daughter, who as vice chairwoman of the foundation her father started has taken on a leadership role. Later, Mr. Clinton and his daughter will join donors for dinner at Birreria, the chef Mario Batali’s rooftop restaurant in the Flatiron district of Manhattan. …


Column: Hillary Falls to Earth

Hillary Clinton may end up deciding she wants to spend the 935 days until election 2016 making corporate speeches and spoiling her grandchild. Recent events have exposed weaknesses in Clinton’s supposedly impregnable armor, gaps through which a Democratic or Republican challenger could damage, perhaps even defeat her. The bad headlines to which she has been subjected are enough to make anyone—anyone who isn’t a Clinton—think twice about running for president.

Friends in High Places

Schweitzer wins seat on board of company he intervened on behalf of during auto bailout

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer won a seat on the board of a major mining company on May 2 and will now benefit from a deal he brokered on behalf of the company as the state’s Democratic governor.

A Hilltop Too Far

Campaign finance reform advocate Gov. Steve Bullock accused of illegal campaign coordination

One of the left’s most prominent campaign finance reform advocates has been accused of illegally coordinating with a host of liberal groups en route to winning a gubernatorial election last year.

Governor in Absentia

Montana governor Brian Schweitzer more visible on cable than in home state

Watch CNN, and the odds are good you will see Democratic Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who appears frequently on cable news as a guest pundit. However, while the gregarious governor may be building a personal brand, his recent TV hits have put him out-of-state almost as much as in-state.