Schumer: Obama Should Veto Keystone Jobs Even if Dems Get Every Amendment We Want

Senator Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) says President Obama should veto the upcoming Keystone Pipeline jobs bill even if Democrats get all of the amendments they want attached to the bill.

Speaking Sunday on Face the Nation, Schumer outlined many of the amendments that Democrats would be seeking but then added, "in conclusion, we will have enough votes to sustain a presidential veto."

Bob Schieffer, rightly puzzled, then asked, "So even if these amendments pass, you will still urge the president to veto this legislation?"

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"Well yes," Schumer conceded. "These amendments will make it better, but certainly not good enough."

Polling has consistently shown an Obama veto of the Keystone jobs bill would be very unpopular. "Poll after poll has shown support for Keystone is somewhere between very strong and overwhelming," the Washington Post noted after the massive Republican wave in the midterms.