Scarborough: Pence Should Threaten to Quit After Trump Made Him Look Like a ‘Dupe,’ ‘Liar’


MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough said on Friday that Vice President Mike Pence was either a "liar" or a "sucker" for President Donald Trump, and suggested that Pence should threaten to quit.

MSNBC's Willie Geist relayed reports that Pence was "left in the dark" on certain decisions and that he made public statements that were later proven untrue.

"I think [Pence] has gotten to the point now where he's gone out three times and been asked to say something that was later proven to be untrue," Geist said.

Scarborough said that he liked Pence "very much" before saying that the vice president was either a "sucker and a dupe," or a "liar."

"Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States, is either a sucker and a dupe for Donald Trump, is being set up that way to go out lie and lie and lie again, or he is a liar. There is no middle ground," Scarborough said.

"And if it is the first, I think it's about time for Mike Pence to go to Donald Trump and say, as I think most of us would, ‘if you set me up to be your liar again, I'm walking,'" Scarborough continued.

Pence reportedly never was told that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had potential conflicts with Russia. Yet, Pence said on national television that Flynn did not have dealings with that country.

Sam Dorman

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