Clinton Supporter Sally Field Describes Miserable Economy: 'People Are Hurting All Over This Country'

June 3, 2016

Actress and Hillary Clinton supporter Sally Field painted a decidedly dour economic picture of the United States after appearing at the Democratic candidate's California rally Friday.

In an interview on CNN, Field said no other candidate has been "vetted, scrutinized, and dissected" as much as Clinton to help solve the country's problems.

"I know people are hurting all over this country," Field said. "That they can’t figure out how to make ends meet, and I know that that’s, you know, a terrible, terrible frustration and burden and sadness, and things need to be fixed."

A jobs report out Friday showed just 38,000 jobs added to the economy in May, the worst hiring rate in more than five years.

The economic woes she describes sounded more like a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) or Donald Trump, rather than Clinton, who has painted herself as the third term of President Obama. Nevertheless, Clinton has made critical remarks about the state of the economy on the campaign trail, despite Obama's rosy rhetoric.

Field, a two-time Oscar winner and longtime Democrat, believed Clinton is the best candidate to fix these problems, calling her "the "most qualified human being for president of the United States at this time." In contrast, she referred to Donald Trump as "ill-equipped" for the position.

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