Ron Paul to Speak at Conference Hosted by Anti-Semites

Ron Paul / AP

Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul is scheduled to give a Sept. 11 keynote address at a conference sponsored by an anti-Semitic organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports.

Also slated to speak at the conference is the president of the John Birch Society, a fringe conspiracy-theorist group that was famously denounced by the late William F. Buckley.

In early September, the men are all scheduled to speak – along with a lengthy list of archconservative clergy, lawyers and academics – at a conference in Canada sponsored by the Fatima Center, part of the "radical traditionalist Catholic" movement, perhaps the single largest group of hard-core anti-Semites in North America.

Paul, the former Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate, is the keynote speaker of the weeklong conference slated for Sept. 8-13 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The Fatima Center’s publications have published columns criticizing the Pope for "kowtowing" to the "Synagogue of Satan," argued that Jews are attempting to undermine the Catholic Church on behalf of Satan, and claiming that "Zionist billionaires" have been "financially raping" the Russian people. The organization also promotes New World Order conspiracy theories.

SPLC reports that the group’s leader, Father Nicholas Gruner, has attended Holocaust denial conferences. Gruner will speak prior to Paul at the Fatima conference, according to the posted schedule.

According to a schedule posted on the Fatima: Path to Peace conference website, Paul will speak on foreign policy at the Sept. 11 gala dinner, and also do a Q&A session and Meet & Greet. The conference will take place in Canada from Sept. 8 to 13.

Paul came under fire in 2008 and 2012 for anti-Semitic and racist newsletters that were published under his name in the late 1980s and 1990s. Paul has said others wrote the objectionable content and that he did not read the material before it was published.

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