Repeated Ethics Violator Rangel Denies Wrongdoing By Clinton

March 3, 2016

On Fox Business Network, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D., N.Y.) on Thursday said there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton using her private email server while she was secretary of state.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the staffer who set up Clinton's server at her house had been granted immunity by the Department of Justice.

Mornings with Maria host Maria Bartiromo asked Rangel who is supporting Clinton in the Democratic primaries about what the recent developments may mean for Clinton.

"Congressman, do you think Hillary Clinton is going to get indicted?" Bartiromo asked.

"Of course not! There's no grand jury," Rangel said. "Let me try this again. There's no evidence of any wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton."

"What has happened here is that the person who worked, set up the system for Hillary Clinton has said, and is implied, that before I took- I want to make certain that I'm not indicted. Now it takes a whole lot of speculation to say that what he's going to say means that Hillary Clinton made a mistake, did some wrongdoing, and even if it was, that it was criminal."

"There's nothing to indicate that unless you're looking for it," Rangel said.

Rangel is no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law and ethics.

In 2010, a House of Representatives ethics panel found Rangel guilty of 11 counts of breaking House rules. He was censured by that body for charges including misuse of government resources and failure to pay taxes.