Rep. Duffy to Dems Skipping Inauguration: ‘Put Your Big Boy Pants On’

Rep. Sean Duffy (R., Wis.) on Tuesday told Democratic members of Congress who are skipping President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration to "put your big boy pants on."

As an increasing number of Democratic lawmakers are deciding to forego the inauguration, Duffy responded on CNN.

Duffy said he was not happy after President Obama won his election but Republicans did not boycott his inauguration.

"Listen, Democrats lost, Donald Trump won," Duffy said. "You may not like him, you might not agree with his agenda just like we didn't agree with President Obama's agenda, but show up."

"In the future, what happens with the next Democrat presidential-elect that goes to their nomination? Are Republicans now supposed to say that we're going to stay home, that these events become partisan in nature?" Duffy continued. "That's bad for the country. Show up, be part of it, put your big boy pants on, and let's start working together."

The Democratic boycotts became a focus after Rep. John Lewis (D., Ga.) said that he would not attend the inauguration because he views Trump's presidency as "illegitimate."