Poll: America's 10 Most Popular Governors Are All Republicans

Charlie Baker / Getty
April 12, 2018

The 10 most popular governors across the United States are all members of the Republican Party, according to a new survey.

Morning Consult on Thursday released a survey ranking the approval ratings of the nation's governors in the first quarter of 2018. The survey asked registered voters in all 50 states to evaluate the job performance of their state's chief executive from January to March of this year.

For the fifth quarter in a row, Republicans overwhelmingly dominated the rankings, taking the top 15 spots and scoring impressive popularity numbers in states like Vermont, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New Hampshire, all of which Hillary Clinton carried in 2016.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R.) once again retained his spot atop the list, garnering an approval rating of 71 percent and a disapproval rating of 16 percent among Bay State residents. Baker is running for reelection this year and is heavily favored to secure another term.

The highest ranked Democrat on the list was Gov. Steve Bullock, a moderate from Montana, who came in at number 16 behind Gov. Rick Scott (R.) of Florida. Bullock had an approval rating of 55 percent and a disapproval rating of 32 percent.

Republicans also accounted for a little over half of the most unpopular governors on the list, with Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin being the most unpopular GOP governor in the nation. Fallin, who is term-limited from office after this year, had a disapproval rating of 63 compared and an approval rating of 25 percent.

The nation's most unpopular chief executive, by far, was Connecticut Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy, with a disapproval rating of 72 percent, almost 10 points higher than that of Fallin. Malloy, who has decided to forgo a reelection bid this year, only had a 21 percent approval rating among Connecticut voters.