Politico Compiling ‘Unauthorized’ White House Visitors Log

White House
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• May 15, 2017 1:58 pm


Politico is compiling an "unauthorized" White House visitor log after the Trump administration announced it would not release records of its visitors last month.

Politico is asking for tips to be sent to a specific email account,, to fill in the gaps for the public record:

Who has the president's ear? Who's hitting the links with the commander in chief? And who's on the outside looking in? The official White House visitor logs keep a record of who sees the president and his staff–but they don't tell the whole story.

POLITICO's UNAUTHORIZED White House Visitor Logs stand in for the official record, which the administration has decided not to release publicly.

To build a better, completely public visitor log, we compiled not just visits to the White House, but interactions that include in-person meetings with the president at Mar-a-Lago and other venues, appearances at events, and documented phone calls with foreign leaders and other politicians.

We welcome your tips as we continue to grow the log. Send any names we may have missed to us at

Politico reported last week that the majority of those with access to President Trump so far have been white, male Republicans:

Of the more than 1,200 people who have had direct access to the president as of Monday night, the majority–about 80 percent–are white. And almost 63 percent are white men.

Trump has huddled with at least 270 business executives and nearly 350 politicians–mainly Republicans but also dozens of Democrats. And he's met in person or spoken by phone with 47 world leaders, most often the leaders of Japan and Germany, plus a vast grab bag of other figures, from pro golfers to rocker Ted Nugent to Matt Drudge.

Aside from Democrats in Congress, Trump has met with relatively few ideological opponents, according to the data. But there have been a number of exceptions: Zeke Emanuel, a doctor who served in the Obama administration and helped design Obamacare, took part in an Oval Office discussion in March, and the president has spoken with several CEOs who had previously donated to Democratic politicians.

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