Panetta: Obama ‘Isolated,’ WH Staff Shakeup Would Be ‘Very Helpful’

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that President Obama is facing a problem of "isolation" and that bringing new people into the White House would be "very helpful."

"The problem with the White House is, as you mentioned, is isolation," Panetta told CBS's Bob Schieffer. "You isolate the president from a broad range of views and I understand this has developed over the years, more concentration of power in the staff of the White House, and as a result, the president doesn't get exposed to a broad range of views he needs order to make the decisions."

In Panetta's new memoir, Worthy Fights, the former Obama administration official said the White House was responsible for the chaos unfolding in Iraq after the 2011 withdrawal.

Panetta said new people and ideas could help expose Obama to new options that were previously not considered.

"Bringing new life in, bringing new views in would be very helpful to giving the president that greater exposure to a lot of different options that he is going to have to consider if he is going to get things done," Panetta said.