One News Publication Can't Get Enough Of Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton / AP
March 15, 2017

The Hill, a Washington D.C. based news publication, can't get enough of Chelsea Clinton content.

Since Hillary Clinton's loss back in November, news outlets have looked to her daughter Chelsea as an influential individual in politics, despite her never being elected to any public office. Politico published an article about how Clinton is letting loose on Twitter. The New York Times interviewed the former first daughter about her taste in books late last month. But the Hill has gone far beyond other publications when covering Chelsea Clinton.

The Hill has reported many stories on Clinton, from her thoughts on the latest Trump administration actions, to her praising Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for publishing an op-ed. There is no other child of a president who gets her daily thoughts and tweets reported on by so many journalists.

Here are some examples of the Hill's reporting on Clinton:

This story was tweeted out ten times in a 20 hour time frame.

When a Democratic congressman made a lewd joke about Trump Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway, Clinton demanded an apology. The Hill tweeted Clinton's demand for an apology 15 times.

The Hill even wrote an article about Clinton praising New Yorkers for cleaning up offensive messages on the subway. Clinton herself didn't do any of the cleaning, she was just praising people who did the cleaning.

Aside from praising people, Clinton has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration on Twitter, and the media wants the public to know that the daughter of the Hillary Clinton opposes President Donald Trump.

The Hill has published articles like "Chelsea Clinton trolls Trump on court ruling," "Chelsea Clinton offers Trump an answer to question on anti-Semitism," and "Chelsea Clinton mocks Trump over Sweden incident comments."

The most recent article about Clinton from the Hill is about the growing speculation that the former first daughter herself will run for public office. It was published on Wednesday and has already been tweeted five times as of 1:00 PM.


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