Omar May Be Coming—To Give Obama Cash

Obama campaign raises money with cast of 'The Wire'

Omar Little

President Obama's campaign is hosting a fundraiser on Martha's Vineyard with the cast of HBO's critically acclaimed but poorly watched drug war drama The Wire, according to National Journal and the Sunlight Foundation.

The cost of the event ranges form $500 to $2,500 a person. While President Obama is on record stating The Wire is his favorite TV show, he is not scheduled to be at the event.

National Journal notes that it is unclear which of the show's stars are slated to attend, but makes a prediction based on the president's past statements:

As Party Time notes, there aren't many hints as to which cast member will be in attendance. But my money is on Michael Kenneth Williams. He's the actor who played Omar Little, which is President Obama's favorite character from the series. (I sense a "every man's got to have a code" themed fundraiser next.)

Omar Little was best known as the nigh-unstoppable killing machine who murdered Baltimore's drug dealers and stole their money. Little is widely considered to be the moral center of Obama's favorite program.

It is unclear whether Felicia "Snoop" Pearson—who played a murderous drug dealer on the program—will be in attendance. Pearson, a convicted murderer, pled guilty to drug trafficking charges in 2011.