Obama Staffers Mourn Trump’s Election

Staff listen as President Obama speaks about the election results / AP


President Obama's staffers at the White House are having a tough time coming to terms with the phrase "President-Elect Donald Trump."

Trump on Thursday visited the White House to meet with Obama to discuss the transition between the two administrations.

Obama has tried to remain positive in his public statements, but the public expressions of his White House staffers paint a grimmer picture.

Staffers, including White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, can be seen in pictures surfacing on social media solemnly looking on as Trump arrives to meet with Obama. One staffer even appears to be crying in a picture.

On Wednesday, as Obama gave his first public statement after Tuesday night's election, staffers looked on with disbelief that Trump had been elected. David Nakamura of the Washington Post captured the moment as White House staffers sadly watched Obama give his statement.


Charlie Hoffmann

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Charlie Hoffmann is an assistant editor for the Washington Free Beacon. He is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin where he majored in Journalism and Economics. Charlie was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and remains an avid Packers, Badgers, and Brewers fan. Before moving to DC he worked on numerous political campaigns in Wisconsin. He can be followed on Twitter at @choffmann10.

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