New NRCC Ad Likens Dem Candidate to Pelosi on 'Crumbs' Tax Reform Attacks

February 6, 2018

The National Republican Congressional Committee on Tuesday launched a digital advertisement pointing out the similarities between Pennsylvania's Democratic Congressional nominee Conor Lamb and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) in their "crumby words" used to attack Republican tax reform.

The ad, titled "Changing Lives," highlights how Pelosi and Democrats like Lamb have been critical of the Republican tax reform legislation. Prior to the tax reform passing, Lamb called the efforts a "complete betrayal" while Pelosi has repeatedly referred to the resulting $1,000+ employee bonuses and wage increases as "crumbs" and "so pathetic"

"Nancy Pelosi is calling your tax cuts 'crumbs' and 'pathetic,'" said the ad narrator. "Conor Lamb sounds just like her. They're even using the same crumby words. They just don't get that the tax cuts are changing lives."

The ad went on to highlight how Lamb's Republican opponent, Rick Saccone, supports tax reform. It notes he recognizes that the bonuses and wage increases Pelosi repeatedly calls "crumbs" will help middle class families buy food and shoes that fit, and will help them achieve their dreams.

"Saccone will keep fighting because that extra money will make life a whole lot easier," the ad said.

Saccone and Lamb are facing off in a special election on March 13 to fill former Rep. Tim Murphy's (R.) 18th district seat after he resigned last October following reports involving an extramarital affair.