Murphy: Guns in the Hands of School Officials a 'Ridiculous Notion'

December 18, 2012

Sen.-elect Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) stated that he believes allowing school officials to possess firearms at school is a "ridiculous notion" in a Tuesday evening CNN interview. Murphy then proceeded to explain how the security protocol at Sandy Hook Elementary was executed correctly and failed:

WOLF BLITZER: You know, there have been a few Republican governors, Bob McDonnell of Virginia, for example, Congressman, who floated the idea that school officials, perhaps, should be armed. And not just police officers who may be at schools, but school officials. Is that a good idea?

CHRIS MURPHY: It's a ridiculous notion. The fact is that Newtown did everything right. They had prepared for emergency drills. They executed them with perfection. They had a security system, that frankly wasn't going to hold up against someone with that kind of weaponry. Our focus should be on keeping these kind of dangerous assault weapons out of his hands. Making sure that nobody can walk in with 30 rounds in a clip and trying to prevent the tragedy in the first place. The answer is not to arm America and arm America's schools. The answer is to try to get the guns out of the hands of people who would do this kind of violence. We've got to look in a totally different direction than where some of these people are trying to point us.

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