MSNBC Panelist to Biden: ‘Dude, It’s Over’

• March 22, 2018 6:42 pm


A couple of MSNBC panelists on Thursday had a strong message regarding former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential aspirations, with one saying, "Dude, it's over."

The topic of Biden's plans for 2020 arose after MSNBC host Craig Melvin spoke to contributors Jason Johnson and Yamiche Alcindor about the former vice president's recent headline-grabbing comments. On Tuesday, Biden said he would have liked to beat up President Donald Trump for his comments regarding women.

Melvin suggested Biden's recent actions, which also include working with many notable Democrats at the Biden Institute, appear to indicate his intention is, as speculated, to run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. Johnson and Alcindor agreed, however, that Biden is the "last thing" the Democratic Party needs.

"Safe to say, Yamiche, that Joe Biden is running for president in 2020?" Melvin asked.

Alcindor said it was difficult for her to guess if Biden was in fact planning to run but that it would not be good for Democrats for him to do so.

"I think most people that are Democratic strategists realize that the last thing Democrats need is someone who ran before," Alcindor said. "They probably really need a fresh face."

Johnson agreed that Biden's time to run for president was over.

"Joe Biden is like, he's like Brett Favre saying, ‘man, I could have played in the Super Bowl.’ Dude, it's over," Johnson said.

"That time has passed Joe Biden by, and he knows it. And he's still bitter about it," Johnson said.