MSNBC Legal Analyst: Trump Could Ask Kim Jong-Un, Putin for 2020 Help if Impeachment Not Pursued

MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner claimed President Donald Trump might appeal to his "newly acquired friends" North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, and Russian president Vladimir Putin for help in the 2020 election if Congress does not pursue an impeachment inquiry.

"If we don't wrestle this monster to the ground now via an impeachment hearing, don't we think the president will be emboldened to again lie, cheat and steal, maybe call in some of his newly acquired friends, Kim Jong-Un, MBS [Mohammad Bin Salman], and [Vladimir] Putin, to again help tilt the field in his favor? The only viable option, the only option based on principle, is to open impeachment hearings and wrestle this thing to the ground," Kirschner said to host Ali Velshi Friday.

Velshi had asked Kirschner how he thought Democrats should "fully examine" or "build the case" against President Trump.

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"So given the various roads that Congress is going on, about five separate investigations and then a discussion about impeachment proceedings or an impeachment inquiry, Nancy Pelosi seems to be resisting that, there seems to be growing calls among some Democrats for doing that, what—if Congress said, hire Kirschner, this guy knows what he's talking about, what would you advise them to do, what path would you advise them to go down to either fully examine or build the case against Donald Trump?" Velshi asked.

"I think there's only one viable option here," Kirschner said. "We already know that the president committed campaign finance violations to unfairly tilt the election playing field in his advantage by paying off playmates and porn stars. We know that through Michael Cohen's guilty plea. We then know, courtesy of volume one of Mueller's report, that he welcomed and accepted Russia's help to, again, unfairly tilt the playing field in his favor."

In the past year, MSNBC guests and panels have called Trump a "witting asset" of Russia and a "dictator" who is owned by Putin.