MSNBC Host Amused When DNC Chair Can’t Say Who Voice of Democratic Party Is

• July 10, 2017 8:17 pm


Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez could not say he was the voice of the Democratic Party on MSNBC on Monday and could not name any other prominent party member either.

"Are you the voice of the Democratic Party today? Are you the clearest voice that people can see?" MSNBC host Ali Velshi asked.

"I think the voices of the Democratic Party today, Ali, are the millions of people who marched on the streets across this country on January 21 saying, ‘Donald Trump, you didn't win the majority of American voters, and you don't stand for our values,'" Perez said. "And the millions of folks who continued, I've never seen the activism in my life that I see now."

Velshi was not satisfied with the answer.

"I hear you. I'm still trying to get to the answer about what the face of that looks like. I love the idea that you think it's everybody. I'm not sure that's the world's most efficient way of looking at winning an election," Velshi said.

Perez also dodged earlier in the interview when pressed about conflicting views in the party over single-payer health care.

"Democrats are on the same page in the following respect. We believe that health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few," he said before calling the proposed Republican health care bill "not a health care bill."

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