MSNBC Correspondent Praises Young Trump Protester in London: ‘Very Good’


MSNBC correspondent Cal Perry praised a young girl protesting President Donald Trump's visit to the United Kingdom on Friday, calling her answer about Trump not deserving to be in her country "very good."

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in London on Friday in opposition to the presence of Trump, who is deeply unpopular in Britain. People carried signs with a variety of messages against Trump, attacking him for everything from his Twitter use to his immigration policies to charges of racism.

Perry was one of several reporters covering the protests for MSNBC and searched for one demonstrator to give him 30 seconds for a soundbite. After being turned down several times, Perry finally found one holding a #DumpTrump sign.

"Why are you out marching today?" he asked.

"Because Trump doesn't deserve to be here," she said.

"Very good," Perry said.

The protester added that she is 13 years old and from England.

"You're a very courageous girl for doing this. Thank you so much," Perry said.

Perry called the mood of the crowd "jovial," comparing the scene to the Women's March in the U.S.

Trump has already made headlines with his visit by conducting an interview with The Sun in which he ripped British Prime Minister Theresa May and warned they might not be able to forge a trade deal because of her handling of Brexit. He walked back the remarks in a joint press conference on Friday, saying she was doing a good job.

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