MSNBC: Clinton ‘Didn’t Want to Talk’ About Struggling Poll Numbers in Iowa

• January 27, 2016 3:29 pm


NBC's Kristen Welker attended Hillary Clinton's campaign rally Wednesday at a bowling alley in Adel, Iowa, and she reported Clinton refused to answer her question regarding recent troubling Iowa poll numbers.

MSNBC host Tamron Hall asked Welker, "How is Hillary using these last few days in Iowa to her advantage?"

"She spoke for more than 40 minutes here today. It was really remarkable," Welker said. "[Clinton] ticked through a number of talking points, if you will, saying that she is going to be tough on Wall Street, that she will make progress on Obamacare and a number of Obama's different policies."

The polls in Iowa have slowly been closing between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and Sanders is leading in some Iowa polls. Sanders has polled well with younger voters, a key demographic.

"This is critical," Welker said. "Voters younger than 44 favor Bernie Sanders, 78 to 21 percent."

"That's a real concern if you are inside the Clinton campaign. I tried to ask Secretary Clinton about those numbers when she was leaving," Welker said. "She didn't want to talk about that, didn't answer reporters questions."

Refusing to answer questions from the media has been a trend from the Hillary Clinton campaign from the beginning.

After announcing her bid for the White House on April 12, Clinton spent 20 days declining to answer questions from the media. From April 21 to May 11, Clinton only took questions from regular people during roundtables she hosted while traveling through Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

A few months later, Clinton campaign staffers roped off the media during a Fourth of July parade in Gorham, New Hampshire.

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