MSNBC Catfight: Schultz Fires Back at Matthews For Mocking His Excitement Over Bernie Sanders

June 23, 2015

In response to his colleague's quip, Ed Schultz fired back at Chris Matthews Tuesday on The Ed Show.

Matthews had said that Ed Schultz must have been "jumping up and down" for the large crowds that Bernie Sanders has drawn. Sanders has made very limited appearances on other news shows except for The Ed Show.

Schultz did not take to kindly to Matthews harmless jab and asked Sanders to explain his strategy.

"Well look Ed, given my politics over the years it;s been hard for us to get on network television, by the way. You have been kind and I appreciate that because I am on your show a lot but our main strategy is basically going out to the American people," Sanders said. "We have been having many,many town meetings and as you indicated we have had extraordinary turnouts and enthusiastic crowds all over this country."

Sanders has been drawing crowds large enough to force a change in venue to accommodate the larger crowds. Schultz said that based on the size of the crowds one would not believe that Sanders was 60 points down in the polls.

"I think the gap is narrowing, that poll is very different from the different polls that I've seen. If you look at New Hampshire and Iowa the numbers are closer and we are gaining momentum," Sanders said.

Schultz went back to Matthews jab for his enthusiasm for Sanders and said that he has not seen crowds for any of the Republican candidates as large as Sanders crowds.

Sanders also said that he was honored that Draft Warren PAC endorsed him and that it meant that he was going to get a lot of support from Elizabeth Warren's supporters since they share the same ideals.

"I think they understand that we are going to be raising the same issues all over this country," Sanders said.