Moulton: ‘I Love Joe Biden,’ but It’s ‘Time for a New Generation of Democratic Leaders’

Rep. Seth Moulton (D., Mass.) / Facebook

Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton (Mass.) said on Tuesday that he "loves Joe Biden," but is ready for a "new generation of Democratic leaders."

On Boston Herald Radio’s "Morning Meeting," Moulton talked about former Vice President Biden and a remark he made about "not closing the door" on another White House bid.

Biden had told the "Today" show earlier on Tuesday that he would not rule out a third bid for presidency in 2020, when he would be 78-years-old.

"I love Joe Biden; he has been a mentor to me and he is someone I was supporting in the primary before he decided not to run in last year’s election," Moulton said. "But I am someone who is actively recruiting a new generation of Democratic leaders. I’ve got 12 veterans right now that I have endorsed in key swing districts all across the country who are the kind of inspiring leaders I think we need to take the country forward."

Moulton also said that although he respects Biden and other older Democratic leaders, the focus of the party should be on electing those to the House of Representatives in 2018, specifically the dozen veterans he is backing.

"We need a breath of fresh air in the Democratic Party and I think we need a new generation of leadership. It’s time for generational change," the 39-year-old representative said.