Morning Joe Slams Clinton For Emails Linking Foundation Donors to State Department

Morning Joe's Wednesday panel slammed Hillary Clinton over the latest release of emails linking the Clinton Foundation to work being done at the State Department Wednesday morning, with one saying her campaign had undermined its credibility.

A new release of emails between State Department staff while Clinton served as Secretary of State raised questions about Clinton allowing foundation donors to influence her agency.

MSNBC's Morning Joe panel slammed Clinton and her State Department staff for the appearance of impropriety. The panel consisted of co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough and panelists Mark Halperin, Willie Geist, Ron Fournier, and Mike Barnicle.

"Every administration has friends who use their personal connections to try to get special access," Halperin said. "What makes this different is when Bill Clinton, when Hillary Clinton took the job as Secretary of State they knew there were issues related to this and they promised that there would not be any inappropriate intermingling between Bill Clinton's portfolio and hers."

"This shows clearly they did not stay true to the spirit of that," Halperin added. "By asking for special access for people who were donors to the foundation."

"This has been problematic all along and it's where the questions have never led to good answers, whether it be about the server or now about this type of thing," Brzezinski said. "It's always been an answer that has left everybody extremely uncomfortable, especially from the candidate herself."

Fournier claimed the latest release of emails may affect her campaign, saying, "They believe ends justify the means. They have undermined their entire credibility and maybe her presidential campaign with this kind of behavior."

Rounding out the discussion, Halperin ripped the Clintons for believing they are above the law.

"They'll say the foundation does good work and they deserve a hearing before the State Department and they deserve jobs and access. That's the way they view it. You can't do that in the context of trying to have and promising to be a separation between these two worlds and you can't do it all the overlapping relationships as the critics led to them getting rich during this period," Halperin said.