Morning Joe Airs Inaccurate Graphic on Trump’s Millennial Support

MSNBC’s Morning Joe cited an inaccurate graphic on Tuesday that showed Donald Trump’s millennial support in the presidential race to be lower than the actual poll indicates.

The Quinnipiac University poll that Morning Joe showed had Trump at 26 percent support among likely voters aged 18 to 34 back in August and currently down to 24 percent. However, the poll that NBC first posted on Sunday showed the opposite, that Trump has gone from 24 percent in August to 26 percent in September. Trump gained two percent as opposed to losing two percent, as Morning Joe aired.

The Daily Caller first noticed this inaccuracy.

The poll also showed in the same time frame that Clinton went from 48 percent support down to 31 percent, a loss of 17 points in less than one month. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson gained 13 percent in the poll and now has 29 percent of millennials. Green Party candidate Jill Stein gained 4 percent, but still only has 15 percent of millennial support.

Morning Joe showed the poll as Clinton has currently been focusing on winning support from millennials around the country. During the Democratic primary, millennials supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) over Clinton and many indicated that they would not support Clinton in a general election. Sanders has been campaigning for Clinton lately in an attempt to bring his supporters over to Clinton.