Mook Hypocritically Hits Trump for Profiting off Countries With Poor Human Rights Records

• June 26, 2016 10:00 am


Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook constantly dodged questions from Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday about his candidate's poor record on ethics and transparency, hypocritically attacking Donald Trump for profiting off countries with poor human rights records.

Republican opponent Donald Trump attacked Clinton for her ethics record in a speech this week, which included saying she ran the Clinton Foundation as her own personal "hedge fund" while secretary of state. The fact that the foundation took donations from countries with abysmal human rights records and accusations of pay-for-play have plagued Clinton on the campaign trail.

Wallace also noted Clinton had just a 33 percent trustworthy rating in a recent CBS poll, while 62 percent said she was not trustworthy.

"Given all the questions that keep coming up, how is she going to handle the question of ethics?" Wallace asked.

"Well, first of all, Trump's speech earlier this week was just riddled with outright lies, inaccuracies," Mook said. "It's been fact-checked probably more than any other speech."

Wallace interrupted to say he pointed that out to Trump supporter Newt Gingrich earlier on Fox News Sunday.

"I find it very ironic that Donald Trump bought his Turnberry golf course, you know, from an Arab country and has made tremendous profit by making deals with countries with all sorts of human rights abuse records, and so I think Donald Trump has more to answer on this question than Hillary Clinton," Mook said.

Wallace insisted Mook defend Clinton's ethics, though.

"Well, Hillary Clinton has actually been the most transparent secretary of state in our history," he said. "She's released all of her emails. She's released her schedules. I think the record speaks for itself."

"Without litigating all of it, there's a lot of pushback on that," Wallace said.

Mook pivoted to attacking Trump for not releasing his tax returns or documents related to Trump University, which is the subject of a civil fraud case.

Wallace replied by wondering if Clinton would ever release her infamous speeches to Goldman Sachs, for which she was paid $675,000 and set off sharp criticism that she was too beholden to Wall Street interests.

"Donald Trump has given dozens of paid speeches himself," Mook said. "Nobody is asking him to release them."