Mook Laughs, Dodges When Asked Whether Clinton Would Blacklist Finance Industry if President

• September 14, 2016 8:28 am


Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook laughed and then dodged a question on CNBC's Squawk Box Wednesday about whether people who worked in the finance industry would be blacklisted should Clinton secure the presidency.

"Would experts, people who have worked in the finance industry, be on a blacklist if Hillary Clinton were to win?" CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin asked.

Sorkin prefaced this straightforward question with concern about the people that Clinton would bring into her administration. Clinton drew strong criticism from her party's left flank during the primary for her highly paid, private speeches to Wall Street institutions like Goldman Sachs.

"Robby, I wanted to ask you a policy question really around the kind of people that Hillary Clinton wants to surround herself with," Sorkin said. "A piece in Politico yesterday saying that the left develops Clinton admin blacklist, which is to say that they say that progressive operatives say they're targeting two potential Clinton appointments, Tom Nides as chief of staff, who works at Morgan Stanley, and Lael Brainard as Treasury Secretary or a trade representative."

Then he asked point blank if Clinton would blacklist people who used to work in the finance industry.

Mook laughed and did not answer the question.

"I you know, I don't know what to say," he said.

He then blamed this on being a rumor.

"Sometimes these–I don't know what sources people have," Mook said.

He then dodged the question and reiterated that the main focus of his campaign is to get Clinton elected into office. He also said that it's too early to think about these sort of things.

"We are 100 percent focused on trying to elect Hillary Clinton, on earning votes, on getting our supporters out to vote," he said. "This is beyond premature right now."