Mook Falsely Claims Clinton Campaign Didn't Communicate With Department of Justice

June 8, 2017

Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager, Robby Mook, on Thursday falsely claimed that Clinton's campaign was not talking to anyone in the Justice Department.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Mook about former FBI Director James Comey's claim on Thursday that Barack Obama's attorney general, Loretta Lynch, asked him to label the FBI investigation into Clinton's private email server as a "matter," not an "investigation."

"I don't obviously know what transpired between the two of them. We'll just have to take the director's commentary on that," Mook said. "Our campaign wasn't talking to anybody in the Justice Department. We were going off what was being said publicly."

Mook never mentioned the meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton last June in Phoenix after both of them realized they were on the same airport tarmac. The meeting immediately raised questions about the independence of the Justice Department that was in the process of investigating Hillary Clinton's email practices at the State Department.

Lynch defended the meeting by saying that they were talking about their grandkids and travels. But Comey was concerned with the meeting nonetheless, saying that he lived his whole life caring about the credibility and integrity of the criminal justice process, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

"A number of things had gone on which I can't talk about yet, that made me worry that the department leadership could not credibly complete the investigation and decline prosecution without grievous damage to the American people's confidence in the justice system," Comey said.

"And then the capper was—and I'm not picking on the attorney general, Loretta Lynch, who I like very much—but her meeting with President Clinton on that airplane was the capper for me, and I then said, you know what, the department cannot, by itself, credibly end this," he said.