Michelle Obama Won't Leave Hollywood Alone

February 25, 2013

Jack Nicholson presented the Best Picture trophy with help from First Lady Michelle Obama during last night's 85th Academy Awards. Nicholson joked that traditionally the Best Picture Award is presented solo to avert any distractions from the night’s biggest honor.

Michelle helped present the award live from the White House wearing an "armor-like" beaded metallic gown. The silver sparkler was a custom design by Naeem Khan with an estimated price tag of $8,990.

Michelle addressed the crowd:

 I am so honored to help introduce this year’s nominees for best picture and to help celebrate the movies that lift our spirits, broaden our minds and transport us to places that we have never imagined. This has been an exciting year for movies and I want to congratulate all the nominees on their tremendous work. These nine movies took us back in time and all around the world. They made us laugh, they made us weep, and they made us grip our armrests just a little tighter. They taught us that love can endure against all odds and transform our lives in the most surprising ways and reminded us that we overcome any obstacle if we dig deep enough and fight hard enough and find the courage to believe in ourselves. These lessons apply to all of us no matter who we are, or what we look like, or where we come from, or who we love but they are especially important for our young people. Everyday through engagement in the arts our children learn to open their imagination, to dream just a little bigger and to strive everyday to reach those dreams. I want to thank you here tonight for being part of that vitally important work.

Phantoms star and noted Jennifer Lopez ex, Ben Affleck, accepted the Best Picture Oscar for Argo. 

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