Media Concerned GOP Healthcare Bill Will Lead to ‘Thousands of Births’ in ‘Low-Income Areas’

Cathleen Decker / YouTube


Los Angeles Times political editor Cathleen Decker took to Twitter on Monday following the Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the GOP Obamacare alternative to air her grievances that the Republican plan would result in "thousands of births" in rural and low income areas.

GOPcare's ban on Planned Parenthood would result in loss of healthcare to many in rural/low income areas; thousands of births would result.

Decker's claim that the GOP plan holds a "ban on Planned Parenthood" is false. The Republican legislation would not "ban" anything, but Planned Parenthood would no longer receive federal funds.

Pro-life activists and conservative journalists had a field day with Decker's tweet.

"Oh no, babies might be born," was one response. "I thought [Planned Parenthood] mostly provided mammograms."

A Twitter page representing Catholic voters also tweeted at Decker, writing, "Is it rural babies or low income babies we should be afraid of? Or just poor farmer babies? Please clarify. Thx."

"Your apparent horror at the thought of babies being born in low-income areas is telling, and not in a good way," Sean Davis of The Federalist tweeted.

Decker defended herself by tweeting that she was citing the CBO's words, which were not her own.

The Washington Post reported a similar sentiment to Decker's, publishing the story "CBO: Defunding Planned Parenthood would lead to thousands more births" on Monday.

Like Decker, the Post noted that defunding Planned Parenthood would mostly affect "low-income areas and communities without many health care options."

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