McBath Calls for 'Gun-Free Society'

Office says she misspoke, opponent says she’s lying

Lucy McBath/Getty Images
June 6, 2019

On Tuesday, Representative Lucy McBath (D., Ga.) urged a group of gun-rights activists to "stand up for a gun-free society" during a press conference on her introduction of a red flag bill.

"The time has come to stand up, to be empowered to save lives," Rep. McBath said at the end of her press conference. "That is our charge. That is what we’re called to do. So, thank you for being here today. I hope that you take this charge back to your communities and stand up for a gun-free society."

When asked about her comments, McBath’s office referred the Washington Free Beacon to comments made by a spokesperson claiming the congresswoman does not want a "gun-free society" but misspoke.

"The prepared remarks read ‘gun violence free society,’" spokesperson Jake Orvis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Congresswoman McBath is focused on protecting the right of responsible gun owners while keeping their families and kids safe from gun violence."

Still, one of the Republicans seeking to challenge McBath’s reelection took issue with her comments. Karen Handel, a Republican who lost her seat to McBath in 2018 but plans to challenge her in 2020, said the comments showed McBath was not being truthful about her support of the Second Amendment.

"Lucy McBath says one thing to voters here at home and something else to the media and her out-of-state donors," Handel said in a statement to "She says she supports the Second Amendment—except when she doesn’t. She lied to us about actually living in Tennessee. She said she was against outside money funding campaigns—while Michael Bloomberg and other liberal organizations were spending millions to buy the seat for her. Now, she’s lying to us again. 'Lying Lucy' cannot be trusted. The people of the 6th district deserve a Representative that they can trust, someone who shares their values. I look forward to taking on ‘Lying Lucy’ and bringing back honest, principled leadership for the people of GA6."

The McBath press conference announced H.R. 3076, the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019. The bill would allow family or household members and law enforcement officials to petition federal courts to temporarily seize firearms from somebody accused of being a threat to themselves or others. An identical bill, S. 2521, was introduced by senators Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.) and Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) last year.

"It’s the sad truth that gun violence can often be prevented," McBath said in a statement on the bill. "When people are in crisis and pose a threat to themselves or others, those closest to them are often the first to see the warning signs. This common-sense legislation would empower loved ones and members of law enforcement to prevent tragedies."

Rep. McBath’s comments were first highlighted in a video excerpt by the conservative group America Rising.

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