Chris Matthews Wonders 'Who's Hiding What' on JFK Assassination?

Chris Matthews / YouTube Screenshot
October 26, 2017

MSNBC host Chris Matthews wondered "who's hiding what" on the same day the government released thousands of files about the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Matthews has written several books about various members of the Kennedy family, including the 2011 bestseller Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero.

"The CIA's hold up of the JFK files reawakens the old question: who's hiding what?" Matthews wrote on Twitter Thursday.

However, when reflecting on the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination in 2013, Matthews said he didn't think there was proof of any "alternative" theories beyond the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, adding he didn't have a "spooky notion" of the CIA.

"I’ve written about this in a number of books. Oswald had a very consistent left-wing fanaticism about him," Matthews said. "It’s not hard to figure. I always say to people who have some big conspiracy theory: Just tell me this: How come he had that job at the book depository way before they had the parade route that day? I’ve been working around government a long time, so I don’t have this spooky notion of the government or the CIA. I don’t think some dark forces are at work."

Various conspiracy theories have long surrounded Kennedy's death, such as whether there was a second gunman or if Oswald was acting on behalf of Russia or the Mafia.

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