Maryland's GOP Gov. Larry Hogan Will Not Vote Trump

Larry Hogan
Larry Hogan / Facebook
June 16, 2016

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan told reporters Wednesday he would not cast a ballot for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in November.

Hogan said he was "not sure" who he would vote for instead, the Washington Post reported.

"I guess when I get behind the curtain I’ll have to figure it out. Maybe write someone in. I’m not sure," he said.

The freshman governor captured broad support among Democrats and independents during Maryland’s 2014 gubernatorial election, granting him influence across the political spectrum.

Hogan endorsed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie early in the presidential race. After Christie ended his longshot bid and endorsed Trump, he said his endorsement "doesn’t translate" to the business mogul.

Trump won the support of Maryland Republicans in the April primary.

Hogan is the second Republican governor to announce his refusal to vote Trump, joining Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

Baker said last month he would not support Trump’s presidential bid, calling his party’s nominee "disappointing."

He doubled down on his opposition Monday during an interview on "Fox and Friends" discussing Trump’s criticisms of President Obama following the Orlando terrorist attack.

"I said before that I don’t think Donald Trump has the temperament to be president. I stand by that comment," he said, according to the Boston Herald.

Trump's unfavorable rating reached an all-time high in June since the 2016 election began, with seven in ten Americans viewing him negatively, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Wednesday.

The majority of voters also viewed Hillary Clinton negatively, with 55 percent holding unfavorable opinions.