Mark Udall Won't Say if He Wants Obama to Campaign With Him

Colorado Dem.: 'We'll see what the schedule allows'

January 29, 2014

Sen. Mark Udall (D., Colo.) would not say if he wanted President Barack Obama to campaign with him next fall Tuesday night following the State of the Union.

CNN reporter Dana Bash pressed the point repeatedly but Udall would not provide a straight answer:

DANA BASH: Is he a liability for you, the president, back home?

MARK UDALL: When the president comes to Colorado and talks about our 'all of the above' energy approach, we've got lots of natural gas and solar power, that resonates with Coloradans. When he talks about making sure our veterans are treated properly, that resonates with--"

BASH: Does that mean you're going to campaign with him, or you're going to have him campaign with you, side-by-side?

UDALL: We're going to be running a strong campaign based on Colorado's interests and Colorado's future. My job, I think, is to protect Colorado's way of life. We've got a wonderful way of life--"

BASH: That was not a yes or. Yes or no?

UDALL: We'll see what the president's schedule is. We'll see what my schedule is. But Coloradans are going to re-elect me based on my record, not the president's record, not what the president's done, but what I've done and how I've stood up for Colorado. That's the case I'm going to make to Coloradans.

BASH: Wow, one more chance, you're not going to say yes or no, are you?

UDALL: We'll see what the schedule allows.

(H/T The Weekly Standard)

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