Mark Halperin: Clinton Insiders Worried About Hillary ‘Laying Low’ Without a Message

• January 18, 2015 12:05 pm


Clinton insiders are concerned about Hillary Clinton "laying low" with a lack of message as prospective Republican candidates make aggressive moves.

Bloomberg's Mark Halperin said people close to the Hillary Clinton have told him of their concern that she still doesn't have a message to run on.

There is also a growing concern among those within the party that the Republican field is generating more intrigue than their own field or lack thereof. While numerous major contenders signal they are going to enter the race on the right, almost no serious candidate has stepped up to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination.

Elizabeth Warren's name has been tossed around as a champion of the far left who could generate more energy and enthusiasm out of the liberal base. Warren, however, has said repeatedly that she is not running. Her ruling out of a run has Democrats searching fervently for an alternative to the 67 year old former Secretary of State.

"The Democrats have to hope serious people jump in the race and run against Hillary Clinton because right now there is so much energy on the Republican side, people feel great about the field and it was told to me there is drama and intrigue that is good that gets people to pay attention to us," CBS’s Nancy Cordes added. "When John McCain sealed up the nomination, early in 2008, that was bad for him and he kind of sat around and wasn't the story for months while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama duked it out and that really hurt him."

With their likely nominee still struggling to find a reason to run for office, Democrats find themselves without a message heading into the 2016 cycle.