Marco Rubio Accuses NYT of Attacking Him With ‘Castro Regime’s Propaganda’

Rubio calls for a ‘free Cuba’

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio / AP
July 6, 2015

Marco Rubio on Monday accused the New York Times of reporting the "Castro regime’s propaganda" on him by publishing a story highlighting negative opinions of the GOP presidential candidate held by some Cubans.

"NYT follows up traffic tix & ‘luxury speedboat’ stories with expose of Castro regime's propaganda on me. #nicetry," Rubio wrote on Twitter Monday morning, referencing a Times piece published Sunday that cast the Cuban-American senator as "hardly a hero in Cuba."

Rubio’s tweet also referred to two separate stories published in the Times last month, one of which broke news of the Florida senator’s four traffic tickets accumulated since 1997, a report that was subsequently discovered by the Washington Free Beacon to have been written after the traffic citations were pulled by liberal opposition research firm American Bridge.

The other story spotlighted Rubio’s student debt, mortgages, and purchase of a fishing boat, which the publication characterized as the Republican presidential candidate’s "financial struggles."

"For the record, I'm proud that the Castro regime feels threatened by us. They fear freedom and democracy," Rubio wrote in a separate tweet Monday.

Rubio has been adamant in his opposition to President Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba under Raul Castro’s regime.

"My goal is a free Cuba. Lifting the embargo with no meaningful reforms will only strengthen Castro regime," Rubio wrote in another tweet Monday.