Man Who Wants to Strangle Carly Fiorina Speaks at Another Hillary Clinton Event

December 9, 2015

The Hillary Clinton super-fan that made Clinton laugh last month in New Hampshire when he told her that every time he saw Republican Carly Fiorina on TV he wanted to "reach through and strangle her" appears to have made his way to another one of the campaign's New Hampshire events.

His burly voice was heard again during a Tuesday event when Clinton gave him the opportunity to take the microphone. His comments on Tuesday also focused on a deep anger towards Republicans, but did not include any confession of his violent desires.

"I see all the Republicans standing there and saying, 'I'm gonna take Social Security away and I'm gonna take Medicare away,'" said the man. "Being called a taker really bothers me. The only taking I've seen is when people like George W. Bush raid Social Security to pay for an illegal war that we never should have been involved in and are suffering from."

The Clinton campaign did not respond to a request to confirm that it was in fact the same man or whether the campaign deliberately chose to bring him back for another event.

Clinton was criticized by Republicans for not denouncing last month's remark.

"Jokes about committing acts of violence against women are always in poor taste and should be condemned every time," said a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. "By laughing off a male questioner’s desire to strangle Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have lost all credibility claiming to be a party that stands up for women."